Music was my first love etc... in and out of bands in Brighton since 1992 and for 10 years (2004 - 2014) I played bass guitar in the band Fujiya & Miyagi. I released a solo album under the name I Am Ampersand on The Great Pop Supplement label at the end of 2012.
At some point I started making hand cut stencils and using spray paint to customise clothes for Brighton/Hove's Red Mutha, this led me to buying a crappy screen printing set from a craft shop which led to me making my own T-shirts.
After visiting North Star Studio when as part of the Brighton Fringe festival they opened the doors to visitors I realised I wanted to move away from the d.i.y. end of printing and took classes at Ink Spot Studio.
 I've now been a member of North Star Studio Printmakers Co-op since 2012

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